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Kota cab – Established in the year 2014 is a step forward to make public transport system in the Capital safe, clean and commuter friendly. “The smart cab system will add a new dimension and bring credibility, comfort and reliability to the public transport system.”

The hallmark of the service is “the highest level of safety and security along with the smooth travel experience “. The cab service can be used as a feeder service to Railway stations, Bus stands and provides a secure environment for children and senior citizens. The cabs also have tamper-proof electronic fare meters. Kota cab is the latest entrant on the roads of Jaipur in the state of Rajasthan, with a vision to change the way you look upon traveling in the city.

An additional feature of the service is a panic button in the car that is connected to the Master Control Center and can be pressed in case of an emergency. The cabs are also under watch through a Global Positioning System that gives the “real time” positioning of the vehicle on a digital map in the control room. These facilities are expected to enhance the safety of passengers.

You can book our Cabs in Kota by calling our phone number – +91-82399-99091, making it much easier for you to book a radio taxi in Kota.

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